A regional, national and international PR agency
Rethinking the information
Who thinks media relations and public relations are to be considered aside of a whole communication strategy?
We don’t.

At Résonance Médiatique, we produce and work the information out, and deliver it to the right journalist, at the right time, in order to achieve your objectives.

We use communicational and journalistic techniques to step in the world of corporate communication, in various lines of business to provide communication solutions and dialogue, from local to international. This is our particularity.

With two locations in France, Paris and Lyon, Résonance Médiatique has set its experience and expertise in various areas of industries : design (Modular & Céline Wright), architecture (Atelier 9, AIA Atelier de la Rize, Bridot Willerval, Eiffage Immobilier), environment (Groupe H2E), tourism (Azureva Vacances), hotel business (Hilton International), gastronomy (French Gruyère AOC, Lobodis, Association Fromages de Terroirs), finance (CM-CIC Capital Finance)…

Every of these fields requires a specific consciousness and our team work hard to get the specific knowledge and vocabulary to suit your field and communicate in your name the best we can.

Who is capable of creating ways of thinking and lobbying ?
We are.
With more than 6.000 journalists and just a few less of professionals throughout France, Résonance Médiatique not only assures you a mediatic coverage, but also gets you on the front stage. From media relations to events, public relations and commercial coverage, we know how to make people talk about you.

We do more than PR…
We rethink it.

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